So you're getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!  

     First, THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING ALLOWING ME TO BAKE FOR YOUR VERY SPECIAL DAY!!! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am!

     Second, allow me to walk you through the steps of scheduling your cake consultation.  

STEP 1, PURCHASE YOUR SPOT: CLICK HERE Please remember $25 for two guests, $10 additional guests.  SQUARE IS VERY WONKY!  It may give you a different pickup date or say there isn't a date available for 2 months.  PLEASE DISREGARD!  All sample pickups will be on December 4th at 10:00 a.m. :)  
STEP 2, SIGN UP FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME: Please use this link to select your time slot! These meetings will be done over zoom. A zoom link will be emailed once you have chosen your slot. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C094FACA92BA57-october
STEP 3, SEND ME YOUR FLAVOR SELECTIONS: Please email me your 3 flavor choices by no later than September 15th. Some information to keep in mind, Old Fashioned Buttermilk is my biggest seller and overall crowd pleaser. Strawberry is my second biggest seller, it has 2 pounds of fresh strawberries per batch of batter. In my opinion, there isn't much variation between vanilla bean and butter cake. Butter cake is super buttery, but vanilla overall isn't a very strong flavor. Also remember you can do different flavors for different tiers, there is no charge for that. I charge by the serving, not tier.

If you have ANY questions, PLEASE feel free to call me 859-806-1818 or email me. I may not answer, but leave a VM and I will call you back. My phone is inundated with SPAM calls, and I have found answering a call from an unknown number only makes it worse :

Thank you!!