Hi! I'm Brandi Romines, owner and founder of Happy As A Lark Cakes, LLC. I began caking my freshman year of college and all of these years later, I've somehow managed to turn my side hustle into a full time business.  

      I'm the mom to two kiddos, Titus and Larkin and the lucky wife to my sweet husband, Shawn. He's often the brains behind the crazy structures and cutter of all cake boards! :) Couldn't do it without him for sure!

     I love my job! I'm a very artistic and creative person, and getting to continually bake, sculpt, build and design new desserts keeps me on my toes. There's absolutely nothing I won't attempt to make into edible form! From a national championship trophy cake to a student center replica, it can all be built in cake form!

     I am extremely grateful to all of my loving customers, who continue to share my business on social media, refer me to their friends and family and trust me with all of their special events. It means so much to me that you think enough of me to continue to support my business. Providing for my family and being a hybrid stay-at-home mom is only a dream for some, but for me I get to live that dream daily, BECAUSE OF YOU!

In loving memory of my Mom, Kathy.  She was an amazing baker and cake decorator, my job allows me to carry on her legacy.


March 19, 1959 - June 9, 1988